Caring for the Elderly in Madagascar

A look back at a previous project

Many people in Madagascar have urgent needs, particularly the elderly. The Mission House seeks to express Christian love in the form of practical help to meet those needs. The photographs and testimonies below come from a recent project to distribute blankets and mattresses to the elderly in Antananarivo.


Bako and Naly (staff) with some of the mattresses ready for distribution.


This is Madame Florentine. She says, “ My blanket was so thin that I wasn’t able to sleep properly at night because I was always shivering. I needed a new blanket but I couldn’t afford to buy one. Thank you so much for giving me this lovely thick blanket – I am cosy warm at night now.”


“Hello, my name is Grandma Pauline. I am 69 years old. I want to thank you so much for this wonderful mattress you gave my husband and me. It is the first time ever for us to sleep on a sponge mattress and we are so grateful. God bless you.”


Grandma Ravololona explains, “ This is my sister Marie. She has mental difficulties and is incontinent. Up until now she has been sleeping on a straw mat at night because it is easy to clean but it has totally disintegrated and we were worried about how to replace it. This new mattress with a plastic cover is an answer to our prayers. May God show his goodness to you too.”


Grandpa Jean writes, “ I make a living pushing a cart but it has never been enough for me to afford a real mattress. May God bless you for giving me this great gift.


Grandpa Emile says, “ I am 75 years old and I have been struggling with terrible back pain. It has been hard for me to sleep at night on my straw mattress. I thank you for this gift. It will help me so much.