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Our vision is to bring transformation to individuals and communities through our Community Health Program.

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Pringbath Village

The Mission House are closely affiliated to a Water Wells project in Sri Lanka helping families and the community come close together. Previously the community in Pringbath Village, Southern Cambodia, had to draw water from the polluted Trobeck River and were suffering from various water borne illnesses.

Today 100 villagers now have access to clean, safe drinking water from a 52 metre deep well funded jointly by The Mission House and Abbot's Hill Girls School who included it as part of their Aid & Sustainable Development syllabus. These villagers can now enjoy fresh clean water for the first time in their lives on a daily basis, granting them significant and substantial improvements to their quality of life.

Sri Lanka

Water Wels

Arkovil was Selvakulasingam Selvakumar's family home until they were displaced during the long period of civil war. They faced many, many hardships during these years of displacement and war losing everything they owned. After the war ended resettlement began and the family were granted permission to return to Nagarkovil, returning home with nothing having previously earned our living by fishing.

Thanks to the work of The Mission House, Selvakulasingam was able to move home with his wife and three small children. Their family were selected as a beneficiary of the water wells project where a well was specially constructed for them.

"This act has been a blessing for me and my family and we are so grateful to The Mission House for helping us in this way."
Selvakulasingam Selvakumar

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