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Caring for the Elderly in Madagascar

Many people in Madagascar have urgent needs, particularly the elderly. The Mission House seeks to express Christian love in the form of practical help to meet those needs. The photographs and testimonies below come from a recent project to distribute blankets and mattresses to the elderly in Antananarivo.




Bako and Naly (staff) with some of the mattresses ready for distribution.








This is Madame Florentine. She says, “ My blanket was so thin that I wasn’t able to sleep properly at night because I was always shivering. I needed a new blanket but I couldn’t afford to buy one. Thank you so much for giving me this lovely thick blanket – I am cosy warm at night now.”







“Hello, my name is Grandma Pauline. I am 69 years old. I want to thank you so much for this wonderful mattress you gave my husband and me. It is the first time ever for us to sleep on a sponge mattress and we are so grateful. God bless you.”









Grandma Ravololona explains, “ This is my sister Marie. She has mental difficulties and is incontinent. Up until now she has been sleeping on a straw mat at night because it is easy to clean but it has totally disintegrated and we were worried about how to replace it. This new mattress with a plastic cover is an answer to our prayers. May God show his goodness to you too.”




Grandpa Jean writes, “ I make a living pushing a cart but it has never been enough for me to afford a real mattress. May God bless you for giving me this great gift.









Grandpa Emile says, “ I am 75 years old and I have been struggling with terrible back pain. It has been hard for me to sleep at night on my straw mattress. I thank you for this gift. It will help me so much.

Madagascar Famine Relief

2015 - Relief Noclick - 1260

A huge ‘thank you’ to all who responded to our famine relief appeal for the people of Tsiombe, Southern Madagascar.

In the photos you will see the dried up river bed where people dig down to access (dirty) water for their daily needs. It has rained in this area for only one day in the last 14 months. This means that those who work the land have nothing to sell. To stave of hunger they have eaten their seed corn, which means they have nothing left to plant, therefore the spectre of famine is rearing its ugly head.

Through your kindness emergency relief from The Mission House has been able to provide the staples of rice, dried corn and oil which will feed 315 families for at least two months. All the beneficiaries were chosen by the local doctor as being the most needy and to ensure fairness, records of each person’s allocation were added to their medical records.

We cannot solve all the problems for all the people but together we have ensured that, at least some, will have food for the next few months. On their behalf ‘thank you’ again.

The photo sequence below shows the relief work in progress. Click on thumbnails below to display full size images.

Local people digging for (dirty) drinking water Doctor explaining to mothers their allocation of rice, corn and oil Corn distributionRice distribution Each grain of corn is precious Doctor keeping records of relief given to beneficiaries Some of the 315 grateful families helped

Urgent Appeal for Madagascar

Severe flooding has hit Madagascar, with average monthly rainfall falling in several days. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced. Meanwhile the south of the island is battling with drought and famine. With your help, The Mission House can bring relief to some of these people…

Donate Now

The pictures above of the famine in the south were taken recently by John Strauss Kotovaoarivelo (a local Malagasy man), in Ambazoa, District d’Ambovombe, South Madagascar

A plea from John’s heart…

“With much sadness and despair dear friends that I share with you a reality that many of us do not know in Madagascar. We often see before these kinds of pictures in other countries of Africa and we believe that this situation does not exist here. I thank a friend who introduced me to this and it’s just impossible to remain indifferent.

It is true that we do things for our friends, our families, people in need around us, the various associations (charities) that exists and make extraordinary things for the kids but it is also time to make a one-time or regular gesture just to these children in a state of severe malnutrition in our country.

How to stay in peace, eat and sleep peacefully if we can do something when imagining that somewhere, children who deserve the minimum of dignity suffer constantly !!! SOS: LET’S FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT OF CHILDREN, LET’S ANSWER THIS SILENT CRY”

As one of those ‘associations’ we invite you to stand with us, share from your heart and help us to help them through this desperate time. You know what to do …

In January Madagascar’s first cyclone of 2015 hit and hit very hard. It displaced thousands of people and left the country on its knees.

Since then tropical storms and an excessively wet rainy season has resulted in the country getting an average monthly rainfall in just one week. For two months now, low lying areas of its capital city have been under water. The country is in a state of crisis as yet largely unreported in international media.

Dams have been breached, rivers have burst their banks and much of the infrastructure is collapsing.

About 100 have died in collapsing buildings, many more in mud slides, and others who cannot swim have drowned. Most clean water sources have been lost, along with 6,500 hectares of rice fields which are now under water. It is thought that over 5,000 houses in the country’s high plateau region surrounding the capital, Antananarivo, have been washed away. And people attempting to flee the devastation find many roads are utterly impassable.

As of now 100,000 people are displaced and conditions are ripe for diseases to spread in the temporary camps where the displaced have been relocated.

More rain is on the way but the terrible irony is that in the south of Madagascar there is now a severe famine due to lack of rain.

In villages across the southern part of Madagascar, an on-going drought has ravaged crops. The government estimates 200,000 to 350,000 people are suffering from hunger. According to the United Nations Development Program Human Development Index more than 70% of the population are living below the poverty line – Madagascar is facing ‘acute food insecurity’.

The nation’s rising inflation is making the situation worse. Those who were once relatively secure financially are now struggling to get food on the table and those who are unemployed simply aren’t eating. World Food Programme rations are currently keeping some 120,000 people alive, but it’s now estimated that 50% of all toddlers under three will suffer retarded growth due to inadequate diet.

One lady held a 4 year old boy in her lap and quietly wept… “I have no money or income. I am at the end of my tether and don’t know where to turn for help. Please pray for this boy”

Please pray for this boy. Please pray for the lives of all in Madagascar trying desperately to find help and hope amidst the flood waters and famine. Please donate now. Help us support them practically on the ground with food, clean water and material aid. Thank you.