Le Triomphe: New Beds For The Youngest Children

In the autumn newsletter TMH highlighted the need for some new beds and mattresses at Le Triomphe orphanage. The beds for the youngest children were broken and their mattresses nearly useless after so many years of constant wear and tear. Replacements were beyond the budget of the orphanage. Thank you for praying for replacements. Thank you to those who donated. The matched giving scheme was successful with over £1000 raised allowing for the replacement of all those beds and mattresses.

Madame Eliezera, the president of Le Triomphe, sent her thanks:

To: THE MISSION HOUSE and Supporters

Dear Sirs,

We want to thank and appreciate the Lord for this day.  He has made a reality the prayer of children.  We have bought the beds and mattresses lacking for many years and we want to thank The Mission House and their supporters for this project.

The children were at school when the goods arrived but we will send you more pictures . They were very happy when they found your gifts.  We are grateful and really appreciate all the efforts.

May God bless you.

Rasoarinosy Eliezera

President, LE TRIOMPHE Orphanage