TMH Ventures to India

The kind and generous support of our donors has enabled The Mission House to offer real life change to families in India. In partnership with Lightkids, 86 people received a tarpaulin roof and a solar lamp.


“We are grateful for your support for the tarpaulin roof and lamp. They are a great blessing to us to save us from the rain and from darkness at night. Thank you so much,” says Venkamma with a thankful heart.

Her husband died two years ago. Their livelihood was collecting recyclable rubbish from the rubbish tip and selling it on. Unfortunately, her husband was an alcoholic and spent all that hard earned money on alcohol. He died from his excessive drinking.

Venkamma is now living with her daughter in a shack made up from torn plastic sheets with four posts. There was no proper roof and only a small kerosene lamp for light which could not be lit for long. The torn plastic was no match for the monsoon rains and the lamp was bad for their health. It is a truly hard life taking care of her child in the shack.

Venkamma was so delighted when Lightkids delivered the tarpaulin roof and a solar lamp. It made their world much better. Lightkids would like to thank The Mission House, and their supporters, for God’s love shown through this generous gift.