IMG_1206_1260The Mission House Academy

The Mission House Academy in Madagascar exists to provide otherwise  unobtainable education in poor communities. It offers courses that equip people with the basic skills to live their lives as well as earn a living. Apart from giving people the opportunity for a more complete education…

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Le TriompheLe Triomphe Children’s Centre

The Mission House has supported children from Le Triomphe Children’s Centre in Madagascar since 2005, supporting their daily needs through child sponsorship and delivering a significant development project in the form of a fresh water supply …

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Ambondrona SchoolAmbondrona School

Ambondrona School is located about 20 kms from the Malagasy capital  Antananarivo. Recent projects include a new refectory building, water wells and washing facilities. These were funded mostly by the pupils from Abbot’s Hill Independent School for Girls in Hemel Hempstead, UK …

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Community Health Program.

One of our strategies to fulfil our vision of bringing transformation to individuals and communities is our Community Health Program. We have already accomplished some significant successes in the provision of water and sanitation installations and are investing in training …

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Sri Lanka

Water Wells

My name is Selvakulasingam Selvakumar and I live in Nagarkovil (NE Sri Lanka) with my wife and three small children.  My family were selected as a beneficiary of the water wells project and a well was constructed for us.  This act has been a blessing for me and my family and….

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DSC09204Pringbath Village

100 villagers now have access to clean, safe drinking water in Pringbath Village, Southern Cambodia, and as a result they now enjoy a significant and substantial improvement to their quality of life. Previously they had drawn water from the polluted Trobeck River and were suffering from various water borne illnesses. Now they enjoy fresh clean water for the first time in their lives hand pumped from a 52 metre deep well….

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