Water Wells Project, Sri Lanka

Meet one of the beneficiaries

My name is Selvakulasingam Selvakumar and I live in Nagarkovil (NE Sri Lanka) with my wife and three small children.

(Above & left) Selvakumar and his children

Nagarkovil was the home of my family until we were displaced during the long period of civil war. We faced many, many hardships during these years of displacement and war. The family lost everything it owned. After the war ended resettlement began and we were granted permission to return to Nagarkovil. We returned to our home with nothing. Before the war, we earned our living by fishing and had all the implements we required.

Getting water for our daily lives was very difficult. The nearest well was 200 metres away and my wife and small children found it very difficult to draw water and carry it back to the shelter.

It was at this time that my family were selected as a beneficiary of this project and a water well was constructed for us. This act has been a blessing for me and my family and we are so grateful to The Mission House for helping us in this way.

(Above & right) Some of the beneficiaries making use of the newly constructed wells