Child Sponsorship Program


In the course of the work at The Mission House, we come across many children who are in desperate need of the basic of life. Many orphans and children are living in extreme poverty. They are born into a harsh, unfortunate world with no opportunity to realise their potential. These children need the help and hope that comes through sponsorship.

Statement of Values for Children

To ensure that children have their basic rights in life such as food, water, shelter, clothing, safety, education and health.

  1. To provide lasting support with sustainable long term benefits for the child.
  2. To empower children to ensure they grow up with life skills rather than creating a dependency culture.
  3. To offer prayers for the welfare and development of children.
  4. To help children develop hope based on values and beliefs, and to have experiences of knowing the love of God through others.
  5. To deliver personalised support according to the individual needs and circumstances of children.

Why Sponsor a Child?

  1. To ensure a child has the basics of life.
  2. To give a child education and skills for the benefit of their personal future, their family and community’s future, and eventually the future of their nation.
  3. To make your own contribution towards tackling world poverty.

Country Options

You can sponsor a child almost anywhere. However our current priorities are: Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Uganda. If you have a special interest in another country, please contact us.

How Does it Help?

  1. HOLISTIC CARE: Individual needs led assessments are done with all of the children, ensuring that their emotional, physical and spiritual needs are met.
  2. BENEFIT TO THE COMMUNITY: Children who benefit from sponsorship will often share with their families what they are learning at school, which also can include health and hygiene practices. Also, once they start work will send money home.
  3. LONG TERM ASSISTANCE: A unique feature of The Mission House Child Sponsorship Program is that a percentage of the monthly sponsorship is saved in an interest bearing ‘Scholarship Account’. When the child is 18 years old these funds can be used to provide help with education and skills development costs thus enhancing the opportunities for employment and providing significant assistance for a better future.

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime (Chinese Proverb).”

How Do I Become a Child Sponsor?

First of all, choose from the options below:

  1. Individual Sponsorship: Between you and a child.
  2. Syndicate Sponsorship: This option makes it possible for you and a group of friends to get together to sponsor one or more children by dividing the donation among the members of the syndicate. NB. Each syndicate member sets up a personal Standing Order to The Mission House for the divided donation amount as agreed among the members.
  3. General Fund Sponsorship: Regular or one-off donations by individuals or groups. These funds are used to support occasional  one-off sponsorship requirements and events such as The Mission House Summer Camps for Orphans.
  4. General Fund Bequests & Legacies: This is very easy to set up. Please contact us for advice about how to do it.

Then simply:

  1. Complete the sponsorship and commitment forms (requires Adobe Reader) and return to: The Mission House, PO Box 109, Helston, UK. TR13 3AP
  2. You will then receive a confirmation letter thanking you for your commitment.
  3. Soon after details about your child, including a photo, will be sent to you.


(requires Adobe Reader)

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