Ambondrona School Strawberries

With over 200 pupils now attending Ambondrona School, a reliable water supply becomes critical. A recent project provided water wells and washing facilities for the school. This was funded mostly by the pupils from Abbot’s Hill Independent School for Girls in Hemel Hempstead, UK.

The Strawberry Harvest

The system takes excess water from a local spring overnight (when the villagers are not using it), and stores it in a series of tanks for use by the pupils during the day for washing and drinking. The system is so efficient that it is providing a surplus that is being used for irrigation.

In the video below, Faly, the school principal, tells us about the strawberries that they have been able to grow with the irrigation in place. This is a truly amazing story of an entrepreneurial spirit taking very limited resources and making a massive difference to people’s lives.

Regarding the original purchase of strawberry plants – if you ever thought that a small donation would have no impact, please allow Faly to change your mind.

Photo Gallery

Click on the thumbnails below to view full-size images of the water system and of the plants that are growing thanks to the irrigation system, including strawberries which are a very rare and valuable crop in Madagascar. It is really worth listening to Faly telling the story of the strawberries (related video links above). The last picture of the little girl filling a container is from 2005, at which time the pupils had to fetch all the water needed at the school in this manner.

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