Caring for the Elderly in Madagascar

Many people in Madagascar have urgent needs, particularly the elderly. The Mission House seeks to express Christian love in the form of practical help to meet those needs. The photographs and testimonies below come from a recent project to distribute blankets and mattresses to the elderly in Antananarivo. picture1     Bako and Naly (staff) with some of the mattresses ready for distribution.         picture2     This is Madame Florentine. She says, “ My blanket was so thin that I wasn’t able to sleep properly at night because … Continue Reading ››

Madagascar Famine Relief

2015 - Relief Noclick - 1260

A huge ‘thank you’ to all who responded to our famine relief appeal for the people of Tsiombe, Southern Madagascar.

In the photos you will see the dried up river bed where people dig down to access (dirty) water for their daily needs. It has rained in this area for only one day in the last 14 months. This means that those who work the land have nothing to sell. To stave of hunger they have eaten their seed corn, which means they have nothing left to plant, … Continue Reading ››

Urgent Appeal for Madagascar

Severe flooding has hit Madagascar, with average monthly rainfall falling in several days. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced. Meanwhile the south of the island is battling with drought and famine. With your help, The Mission House can bring relief to some of these people...
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The pictures above of the famine in the south were taken recently by John Strauss Kotovaoarivelo (a local Malagasy man), in Ambazoa, District d'Ambovombe, South Madagascar A plea from John’s heart…
“With much sadness and despair dear friends … Continue Reading ››