Vision Trips

The purpose of a Vision Trip is to give a person an experience of mission and the local culture. It is typically 7 -14 days, includes visits to projects, local places of interest, enjoyment of the local culture and for those wishing for direct involvement there can be hands-on opportunities as well. As a result of the experience most people will want ‘to do something’ to help.

Become A Field Volunteer

We get regular requests from all over the world for help and support.
The main areas we get requests for are:

  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Teaching Vocational /Practical Skills
  • Health Education (anti malarial, sexual health, antenatal and postnatal care)
  • Teaching life skills
  • Dentistry and Dental Health
  • All Medical Professions (Doctors, Dentists, Nurses).
  • Evangelism and Evangelism to the Business Community
  • Micro finance for enterprise
  • Community Development Projects
  • Water & Sanitation Projects

For more information and for a list of specific requests, please contact us.

Share your skills and experience

Your voluntary service should serve to inspire others to get involved.

Share your stories and experiences, how you helped, how it changed you. Whether you served at hone or overseas, tell us and we’ll post it on our site as an encouragement to others.