About Us

Our Vision

The removal of spiritual and material poverty through relief, sustainable development and the transformation of individuals, families, communities and societies.

Our Mission

We are a Christian organisation accepting the good works of any, regardless of their religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, who wish to serve alongside us according to their talents and abilities. We are dedicated to the delivery of spiritual and material abundance by bringing continuous improvement to the quality of life of the vulnerable and disadvantaged at all levels of society, in all communities at home and abroad.

This is delivered by community development, built upon:

  • Provision of immediate relief as and when necessary.
  • The provision of a community health program encompassing basic health education, clean water and proper sanitation.
  • The Mission House Academy.
  • Sponsorships of teachers and schools.
  • Sponsorships of young children and teenagers to attend summer camps.
  • Support for micro-enterprise and the provision of micro finance.
  • A Community Health Program including the provision of local clinics. This is scheduled to start as soon as funds allow.

We would love to show you an overview of the work of The Mission House or present to you The Mission House projects that are helping to transform lives in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Southern Cambodia and many other places.

Our Philosophy of Mission

We see mission as being a three-way partnership between prayer partner volunteers, resource volunteers, and field staff volunteers. Therefore, anyone and everyone can join us in helping to make a difference in the world.

Organisational Structure

The Mission House was founded in the United Kingdom and established as a UK charity in February 2005 (No. 1107874). It is governed by a Board of Trustees.

The Mission House UK board members:

  • Olivier Carion
  • Stuart Forman, Secretary
  • Kevin Honour
  • Nigel Kiernander, Chair
  • Ian Pounce