Madagascar Famine Relief

2015 - Relief Noclick - 1260

A huge ‘thank you’ to all who responded to our famine relief appeal for the people of Tsiombe, Southern Madagascar.

In the photos you will see the dried up river bed where people dig down to access (dirty) water for their daily needs. It has rained in this area for only one day in the last 14 months. This means that those who work the land have nothing to sell. To stave of hunger they have eaten their seed corn, which means they have nothing left to plant, therefore the spectre of famine is rearing its ugly head.

Through your kindness emergency relief from The Mission House has been able to provide the staples of rice, dried corn and oil which will feed 315 families for at least two months. All the beneficiaries were chosen by the local doctor as being the most needy and to ensure fairness, records of each person’s allocation were added to their medical records.

We cannot solve all the problems for all the people but together we have ensured that, at least some, will have food for the next few months. On their behalf ‘thank you’ again.

The photo sequence below shows the relief work in progress. Click on thumbnails below to display full size images.

Local people digging for (dirty) drinking water Doctor explaining to mothers their allocation of rice, corn and oil Corn distributionRice distribution Each grain of corn is precious Doctor keeping records of relief given to beneficiaries Some of the 315 grateful families helped